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BRAINSTORMING: Promoting Health Education via a Sports Program

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Arrow Web Hospital is currently considering adding a sports program to target youth ages 11-35 (Bramuel tells me all in this age group are considered youth in Kenya) in the local community. The goal of this program would be to use it as a means to promote health education, mainly around the topic of HIV/AIDS awareness, but also have more obvious benefits such as promoting teamwork and providing an opportunity for exercise.

Explore options for sustaining the medical training program for orphans

Status: Finished

A medical training program for orphans was started 2-years ago. Bramuel presented this idea to the hospital board members and they sat together to try and determine an appropriate budget to start the program. They found that they would not be able to realistically manage it if they took too many students, so they decided to start with 3 with the requirement that the student must be orphaned-without both parents.

Neighbours interested in Health Education

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