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hi Carolyn, Joseph and everybody
Carolyn I found an interesting overview of palliative medicine over the world. NNPC is also named in it and its director Dr K. Suresh Kumar (Institute for palliative medicin in Calicut)
The article is named Palliative Care Toolkit edited by The World Wide Palliative Care Alliance
(pdf document). http://www.helpthehospices.org.uk/our-services/international/what-we-do-...

Webpage of NNPC: http://www.nnpckerala.org/?q=node/4

hi Carolyn, Joseph and everybody else
Thank you Carolyn for doing so much research. You asked for help investigating sites etc., i m willing to, but please let me know what sites etc i could do research on to prevent everybody is going to investigate, contact everything, everybody.
I am convinced that in Josephs region there are possibilities to organise home care because especially in Kerala there are already organisations functioning. Fe there is the Nilambur Palliative Care Society founden by Mr Basheers years ago, nurses and doctors involved.

hi Joseph
tahnks for yr response! I ve a clearer idea about yr situation now and can imagine how frustrating it is that doctors and nurses working at a hospital only 4 km s away from yr village always appear to expect patients coming to them!

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