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Research succesful Income Generating Activities

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two hours

To help us decide upon activities to start in Kawempe, we would like to find out what Income Generating Activities are working in other communities. We are considering poultry farming and starting a brass band, but are interested in hearing other ideas from our Neighbours.

Discuss income generation for the school to become self-sustainable

Status: Just started

The Kilele Junior School is looking to generate more income to allow to buy a new van to transport the children and to admit more needy children.
At the moment the school finances the needy children with the fees from the more privileged ones, and sells ropes that they get for one dollar.
Discuss more ways to generate income for the school. Creative ideas are very welcome!

Project: Village talk

Discuss and research options for income-generating activities for the families of students

Status: Finished

Many of the students at Notre Dame High School come from very poor families. Their parents/guardians are not able to afford to pay school fees, and lack many of the other basics as they do not have a regular source of income.

The school would like to assist these families in setting up small income generating activities of their own. Christopher has been involved with a similar project in the past while working with another organisation in a different area, and it was very successful, providing huge benefits to the families involved.

Dr. Lucy Steinitz of Stephen Lewis Foundation visited Kabondo on 1st and 2nd this month of November 2008 to carry out an assesment visit for possible support of the children's welfare and support project in Kabondo. In the course of this assesment she met the board of Kabondo Poverty Alleviation Organization (KPAO), the volunteers attached to the organization and the beneficiaries.

Avocado - Possible Income Generating Activity

Status: Finished

Avocados are grown fairly easily in Kabondo, which is located in one of two areas in Kenya that can grow them. The community would like to examine the possibility of turning avocados into an income-generating idea including the production of value-added products (such as oil for beauty products or use in cooking/food preparation).

Help us gather research on the possible uses of avocados and its parts (oil, seed, leaves, skin, etc). Any ideas are welcome!

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