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Update on our Poultry Project

The goal of the Nakyerongosa Poultry Project is to improve the welfare of women and families in Nakyerongosa.

Income Generation Idea - Playstation Video Game Rentals

Status: Just started

"Yes We Can Self-Help Group" would like to obtain 10-15 Playstation Video Game consoles and rent them to people interested in playing video games in their community and be our generating income project to support the school

If they charge between 10-20 KES per game, the group feels that they could rent a house and afford to have one person operate this as an income-generating business. After expenses, the thought is that income earned would then be used to support and sustain their projects.already we have rent a house for the workstation

To start with, you must specify the business and financial models of the school. This will determine the shortfall in income and expenses on an annual basis.

Once the quantum of shortfall is known, efforts can be made to first optimize the functioning of the school to reduce this shortfall and generate profits. If this is not possible, external means for income generation will need to be explored.

You have mentioned poultry, demonstration garden, tailoring, and other artisan skills. You could start with identifying here your core competence in each of these areas, like - skilled, semi-skilled, unskilled. This will help neighbors to determine the content of their advice.

Several days ago, Maria shared a few pictures from the school of some of the younger students with items that have been made by the older students (18-25 years) taking classes. One idea that Adnan had was possibly seeing if the school could find a market for the items made by the students, sell these items and generate some income to help sustain the school. Adnan is very interested in talking more about this idea to see if it may bring about one feasible solution for income-generation while teaching the students business skills as well.

Hi Shaun,

The facts mentioned in the media release quoted in my last post above are applicable to many regions in the Africa region, in addition to Mathare and Kenya. This is the outcome of several governments in that region supporting larger plants to achieve economies of operation and lower costs of ground maize for the benefit of their populations. The obvious outcome has been that smaller plants are no more competitive. Accordingly, I do not expect the figures in the article posted by me to be inaccurate.



Hi Shaun,

It was good to read your views above. The following media release from the recent past (Dec 2008) perhaps describes the 'worst' possible conditions facing the small-scale Posho maize millers in this region, and you will notice that Mathare is also mentioned therein. The situation is not expected to have improved during the past 15 months after release of this news item. I hope this helps.



Posho Millers Appeal For Subsidised Maize

Hi Shaun,

You are right about making a start somewhere. However, the big picture for the maize mill is something like this:

From the figures in your post above, operation for all 30 days each month might generate sales of 15,000 KSh and net profit of 2,592 to 3,792 KSh. This is a net profit margin of 17-25%.

From the above, it can logically be assumed that if the mill operates only 20 days in a month, sales will drop to 10,000 KSh. This translates into a 'net loss' of 1208 to 2408 KSh each month.

From what was discussed earlier in another thread at this village, my general impression is that the focal project is the school. Since the school has not been found to be a generator of net profits, so the village would like to operate other businesses, such that the profits from these other businesses can be pumped into the school. The school will ultimately benefit the local children, and hence the focus on the school.

Hi Paul,

I must congratulate you for your clarity of thinking. You were able to immediately focus on the specific issue - what is the target for earning?

By determining an earnings figure of USD 6000 per annum to start with, you have crossed the most difficult stage of your journey. This is a milestone for you, and you must start believing that, just by determining how much you need to earn, you have already achieved a good deal of your target. You have set the ball rolling, and the rest should be easy.

This is how you need to proceed further:

Groups and villages about income generation

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