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South Asian Fund Raising Group(SAFRG) & Sundaram Medical Foundation(SMF)
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A One-Day Fundraising Workshop

for Fundraisers and Senior NGO Staff

at Sundaram Medical Foundation Auditorium, Dr. Rangarajan Memorial Hospital, Chennai

( 9.30 - 17.00; Saturday, December 11th, 2010 )

Selling Philanthropy: What is Major Gift Fundraising and why is it relevant to my charity?

World Alzheimer's Day- recognising dementia across the globe

Today, September 21 is World Alzheimer’s Day. For those of us living in the UK, USA , Europe, Singapore or Australia this is a day where we may visit our elderly relatives who might be suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), acknowledging the devastating impact this disease has had on their lives and our lives as their carers.

Bringing home-based medical care to the elderly- a project in Kerala, India

In India, the medical condition Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is relatively unknown. However, the tide is shifting quickly and dramatically. Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia are becoming much more noticeable amongst the elderly in India. Joseph AM, Local Representative of Vijayapuram village knows this too well.

Hi everyone, I did a bit of Google search on Homestay business in India and found that in Kerela homestay is a very popular option!! That's the good news.
Below are some of the links I looked at.
Joseph- if you could look at one or two of these websites and give us an idea of what type of homestay facility you had in mind? It's time to gather some information about your locality and what is possible (and not possible) to offer tourists

Provide advice about a home-stay tourism business in Kerela, India

Status: Stalled
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Whilst we continue to provide Joseph and HREASEDC with information, contacts, and links to organisations who can help with setting up a home-based medical care program, we would like to explore the possibilities of setting up a home-stay tourism business to generate income for the medical program.
Home-stay is an accommodation option where tourists pay a small amount of money and stay with local people to experience their culture and way of life.

Hi Joseph, I took a look at some of the websites you mentioned on a post about 2 weeks ago.
Whilst they are good resources, they are not really ones which you can rely on at this stage of your project. The reason for this, I believe, is because many of these sites offer volunteer opportunities
(in a health/medical setting) for organisations that already have some kind of health facility, or program. Many of the organisations are established NGO's (Non- government organisations) or Christian Missions etc.

Hi Joseph, it's great that you already made contact with Mr Kanamala- even though he was not able to help you immediately. My suggestion would be to make contact with him again shortly and remind him that you are still interested and that you still want assistance in designing a home based service.
Did you get the email I sent you with the full text from Dr Roy? I sent it to your yahoo email. I will send you Dr Roys email however he is currently away at a conference.

I haven't written to aidindia yet. I'll write to them tonight.

Hi everyone,
as I mentioned in my post last week, i found out that at person at Monash Univeristy in Melbourne, Australia is currently conducting her PhD research on Age, Invisibility and Madness in India.
Today I was able to speak with Bianca. I just want to share what she told me and some of her thoughts.
Bianca actually spent a fair bit of time in Kerela last year working with ARDSI (Alzheimers association of India). She said that Joseph you were in a very good position and lucky to be in a State where ARDSI has a good presence and has already done a lot of good work.

Thanks Bram!
In other good news (it's amazing what you find on the internet!) I have come across a PhD student here in Australia whose thesis is very much about what we are trying to solve here. I am going to email her today with the view that we can talk over the phone and perhaps she can give us some good leads- or in the least- give us a better understanding of what is going in in India in terms of care services for dementia patients, and government policies etc,
The abstract is below:
Age, invisibility and madness: Understanding dementia care in India

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