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The first phase of the secondary school building will be done about in three weeks!

Key Success Factors

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
A week

Groups of women taking part in the Microcredit Program have begun to form in Kabondo, thanks to funds received through other tasks.

Learning from the experience of others is very important and can lead to successful projects. We would like to compile a list of Key Success Factors for operating a microcredit program. We are looking for learnings from other projects that can be tried in Kabondo.

This task requires researching other projects on Nabuur and elsewhere and finding out the key factors to success. Or, if you have experience running a project, then provide your insights here!

Hi Everyone,

As mentioned elsewhere, the funds have been released and 3 groups have formed. Eric mentioned that the groups will take some time to form and become well established, as the women have to build trust for eachother.

I think the next steps for us on Nabuur regarding the microloan program, is to help support the development of the groups and ensure they succeed.

We had two new volunteers join the Kayole-Soweto project this week. Please join me in welcoming Stanley Okurut from Uganda, who joined us on Tuesday. Stanley is the local representative of the Kapuwai village here at Nabuur. Bramuel and I were very excited to learn of Stanley's project. He serves in the same capacity as Bramuel at a hospital in Uganda. Kapuwai shares many of the same needs that Kayole-Soweto does, so we are hopeful that by collaborating together we may be able to help both projects improve. Stanley's profile can be found here:

Microloan Funds Received by the Community

Funds raised now in the hands of the community!

Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Ronald Osialai to our volunteer team. Ronald just joined Nabuur as a new volunteer on Friday. Ronald we are happy that you've chosen to join us here in the Kayole-Soweto village and are always especially happy to have new volunteers from Kenya. If you have any questions about the village, the status of any of the tasks listed, or about Nabuur in general, please do not hesitate to ask.

Ronald's profile can be found here:

Kind regards-

Facilitator for Kayole-Soweto

Hi Everyone,

Here is the report for the pilot project we held in Kabondo. It is in a PowerPoint to keep it simple, as already mentioned. Please comment and feel free to ask questions. We hope this will prove to be a valuable bit of information for future projects and to help secure funding.



Arrow Web Hospital - Keeping Kenya Polio Free

Arrow Web Hospital expects to vaccinate 1500 children from May 23rd-May 27th.

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