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Progress of Bitame Lucia Primary School in Cameroon

Please watch a new video about a school progress compiled from videos from January, February and a summer of 2009.

New video on YouTube Channel

Please Ms. Ajomuzu Collette Bekaku sent video recorded in new classroom of Bitame Lucia Nursery and Primary School in Nkolfoulou, Cameroon and it was added to our YouTube channel.

A Star Is Born

A football sensation! Maimuna Gaye tells the story of an unexpected gift.


Here is a link to the stories Muna wrote:


A million thanks for the wonderful stories and the very quick delivery!

Best regards,

Hi Muna,

I emailed back the PPT- just changed it to be compatible with older versions of Office and switched the background color to white (for toner saving purposes:). The story is great,very easy to read, I am sure the kids will love Muso and Simba. There is so much useful information in the story- it is almost finance 101 syllabus :) Just asked Jegan to make sure that pot of gold is a similar concept in India, but I forgot to ask if apples are popular or we should switch to tropical fruits :)

Best regards and thanks a million for both the great story and the quick reply!


Hi Muna,

Excellent! Not sure if I shared the presentation that HELP put together- there is more information about the kids there (although probably duplicates whatever is posted on I will attach it just in case. It will be great if you have a chance to chat with Jegan- he is very dedicated to the school and spends a lot of time there, so he knows much more about the kids. I will shoot him a quick email to let him know you may need some additional information. You can contact him directly at tjeganbose(at)gmail(dot)com, my email is tanja(at)volunteer (dot)nabuur(dot)org.

Hi there,

Koliyonkulam ( to publish the stories of the children in the Evening School, but the current descriptions are a bit too dry and mechanical. If you are interested in helping with telling the kids stories- please visit all the kids information is listed there. Also there is some info in the attached document. Let me know if you are interested.


Hi Jennifer,

Welcome to Koliyounkulam! I am sorry for the late reply- for some reason your message was not flagged as a new one and I did not see it until this morning. Our first goal is to attract traffic to the website. It will be perfect if the stories can be used by the teachers at the evening school, but it is not necessary (the language phrases will be used in the school). Again, the school needs funds now and our first priority is to generate income from advertising on

I will ask the webmaster to set up an editing account for you as soon as possible.

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