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Check out the great new website and catalogue

With the brand new updated website the women of Yoshinkhel aim to attract individuals and especially businesses around the world. Help them to sell their products!

Dear Catherine,
It's been a while we heard from you! Sorry that Sabina could not work as priority on the questions you had asked, but she has been very busy lately and it is very difficult with currently only 4 hours of electricity per day...I hope you're still with us and can give us an update :)
Best, Angelika

45% of goal achieved! Who will help us get to 50%??

We've achieved an amazing 45% of our goal in a short period of time and even more votes of support. Will you be the one to help us reach the 50% mark??

Hi all-

I spoke with the guys at GiveMeaning tonight and our proposal is now a project and can begin fundraising. I posted the following as a news story in the Gamauli village:

The Gamauli/Yoshinkhel Partnership Project is now posted and ready to accept donations at

100 Votes Achieved-Now on to Fundraising!

The Gamauli/Yoshinkhel project proposal achieved all 100 votes of support needed to move on to the next phase of fundraising today!

Hi Mika,
I liked your text much better now :) I just made a few changes. Sabina, what do you think?
Best, Angelika

Help design a professional catalogue for the woolen products

Status: Finished

With the help of a volunteer, a beautiful catalogue was created with the women and children of Yoshinkhel starring as models for the colorful woolen products. The catalogue is also reflected on the website of Yoshinkhel Crafts:

Hobby designers or professionals looked for (woolen products)

Status: In progress

We are looking for hobby designers or professionals who would be interested in creating innovate designs for the products the women of Yoshinkhel are knitting!

Find volunteer trainers for skills training

Status: Stalled

Following the knitting training, Sabina has several other ideas in mind for how to increase the income possibilities of the underprivileged women in Yoshinkhel. These include tailoring, and soap and candle making. But of course other skills might also be interesting for the women, so in coordination with Sabina volunteers with any other useful skills would be very welcome too!

Groups and villages about knitting

Neighbours interested in knitting

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