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Develop a Fundraising Plan to Purchase a Plot of Land

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Sajos Academy Kiserian would like to purchase a plot of land on which they can build their own school. The school is paying a monthly rental fee for use of their existing building. The cost of rent at this time is 20,000 KES/month ($246.61 USD/158.79 GBP). "Yes We Can Self-Help Group" usually raises these funds monthly by members contributing 100 KES each. Sometimes they find it harder to raise the funds for rent due to other monthly expenses associated with running the school.


Hi Richard,

Further to my previous post, I notice you have mentioned this above - "we own a small piece of plot which we think can still be of help to us".

This is a bit confusing, since on one hand you mention that you already own the land, whereas in the title you mention that you need to buy the land.

In case you have not been approached by a donor so far, and can mention more details of the land that you own, further options could be explored.



Hi Richard,

Till you get funds for buying the land, you could also check with your local municipal or government bodies if they allocate land to educational institutions either as a donation, or at subsidized rates.


Need a volunteer on the ground in Nairobi to help Rev Wasike and Mr Benedict Muyale with project proposal

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Half a day

Rev Wasike and Mr Benedict Muyale are on the ground, brainstorming and working on the proposal. However they will need your help, ideas and feedback in putting together the proposal.Please let Rev Wasike at cbsmkenya(at)yahoo(dot)com and Mr Benedict Muyale at bmuyale(at)hotmail(dot)com, if you would like to take part in this process.
You can find background information about the Kimilili projects on

Teh and Rossel,

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This is our Nation
This is our Land
This is our future
This is our hope


Find ways to use the existing land in order to generate revenues

Status: Just started

There is land that can be used for income generation projects. Help the local community brainstorm the potential for this land.

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