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I am Esther Kamau I run a community library in Nairobi at Uthiru village in a bid to promote an encourage a reading culture. The uptake for readership is Kenya is high but the cost of books is very high makeing them inaccessible to the majority and low income earners, hence the inception of SHIROZ BOOK LENDING LIBRARY AND RESOURCE CENTRE.

Update On Our Progress as of 3/16/11

"It has been long since I submitted a report on nabuur. But is due to lack of internet our area. And this is the biggest challenge we are facing because we are unable to communicate with the rest of the world.

Help Secure Books for the School

Status: Just started

For this task we are looking for volunteers to help us identify organizations that donate/supply books or possibly local publishing houses that we might contact to help provide enough books to adequately stock a school library as well as establish an appropriate ratio of text and reading books to students at the school. Books should be written in English.

We are happy to report that Darian Book Aid has already agreed to ship some of the needed textbooks to the school.

Here are two resources I was able to find:

This one looks very promising. The organization is Book Aid International and they work with a variety of programs on a local level. Depending on where you are specifically located, they list three possible options (these options are listed on this site:

Option 1: If operating in mainland Tanzania, a request should be directed to Tanzania Library Services Board ( by email (

Help Secure Books, a Computer, Printer, Tables & Chairs for our Library

Status: Just started

We have partnered with SNV and Mobile Transaction Limited to open a new library in a district which had no library for 20 years. This is a break through hence we need more books, a computer, printer, chairs and tables to accomodate more children.

Since we started this project in 2009, we have managed to source primary and secondary school books, but those who are at colleges and those doing distance learning find it difficult doing their assignments. These clients can bring in revenue for our project.

Dear Garden Neigbours,


Where you have this:

Students Age:
"Students from childhood to manhood (4 years to 25 years of age) are there to learn."

I would recommend that you clearly state the age of the students attending school at the present time. You explained to me that out of the 15 currently attending the school, they are ages 15-18. If the plan is to begin educating younger students in March once the school is registered, you should clearly state that fact as well.

Help Secure Books for the School

Status: Just started

The primary school in Jinkfuin is in need of more books to lend to the students. Story books that the students can borrow and read as well as textbooks covering topics such as history, geography and science would all benefit the school very much. While some English and Math books have already been donated, additional books in these topic areas would also be a great help due to the increasing population of students.

Vijai- for a "stalled" task you have certainly kick-started this discussion again for us :)
Thanks for opening our eyes.

Here are a couple of photos of the Garden Library and the books donated by Books International Goodwill.
A few more appear in the Gallery section too. Great photo's Mulenga- the kids look like they're having fun!

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