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Lily, the blind dog and her trusted buddy, without whom she can't go walkies!

TOMS shoes is a company who offer to give one pair of shoes to a child for every pair they sell. I ahve no idea beyond that how the process happens, but perhaps it's worth exploring. Here is a link to their information:

Hi Cathy-

Welcome to Nabuur! Thank you so much for the research that you've done and the links you've provided. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any specific questions about the project, or about Nabuur in general. We're glad you're here!

Kind regards-


Could any of our neighbours spend an hour or so going through all the tasks where posts have been made and find all the links/resources that have been contributed. Then a document could be created so that all the information (web address, contact info, etc) is all in one, easy to view list. That will make it much easier to see what kind of information has been gathered and it will be easier to contact the right organizations.

If you have some time, please help with this. it is essential to the organization of this project.

Let me know. Thanks

Anna Soper, facilitator

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