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Hello both!

Thanks for your interest in the task. Perhaps the two of you would like to work together to accomplish this task - its for you to discuss. If not, I hope one of you will take the initiative to create the list for us.

Could any of our neighbours spend an hour or so going through all the tasks where posts have been made and find all the links/resources that have been contributed. Then a document could be created so that all the information (web address, contact info, etc) is all in one, easy to view list. That will make it much easier to see what kind of information has been gathered and it will be easier to contact the right organizations.

If you have some time, please help with this. it is essential to the organization of this project.

Let me know. Thanks

Anna Soper, facilitator

Christopher will be emailing me a list of the needed lab equipment. Either he or I will post it here as soon as it's available.


I started a list last night of trekking agencies to get us started. I didn't get very far. This will probably work best if transferred into an Excel spreadsheet at some point. There are literally hundreds of these organizations out there, so maybe we need to target a specific number, or figure out a way to sort through them and target specific ones. Andrew, any thoughts on that?

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