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Hi Chang,

Thanks for this logo. It is very nice indeed. I hope, Emmanuel can present it to the youths to have their opinion - because finally it´s them who decide.
Just one concern because Vijai underlined this several times: I think the logo has to be in one colour. Vjai, if you print this logo, would this be several colours, or just one in different intensities.

Thanks again for all the good work, neighbours - and Chang, a very warm welcome to Wakitaka. We are happy to have you on bord. Please, ask any question you might have about the village activities.


That's right, Jennifer. The youth in the village who will be involved in creating their own design, will forever live with the thought that they created their own logo. The logo will be their identity and their pride. It would not be appropriate to deprive them of the privilege of creating this part of their future by themselves, and they will cherish these moments of creativity, forever.

Hi Vincent,

Thanks a lot for this very creative idea. Emmanuel, would you like to discuss the ideas by Vincent and Vijai with the youths this week-end? If we go for the photo version, maybe you could take some pictures of the youths (their heads), that would fit into it.
I am just wondering, Vijai, is such a photo logo credible? Wouldn´t it look a bit strange on a business-card? And what happens if we only can print it in black and white?

have a good day,

The word 'digitizing' in my message above refers to converting the sketch drawn by the youth in pencil to a digital format on a computer by using any software like paintshop, photoshop etc. On a computer, the sketch has to be drawn again using the tools available in the software. A basic knowledge of paintshop, photoshop, etc will be required. Maria has described the process that could be followed for the village logo in her post above in this thread, which will be very useful for your understanding of the basic process involved in this particular case.

Vijai Singh

Hi Maria,

Thank you for the warm welcome!

You have correctly described the process to be adopted to digitize this logo. The youth have certainly done a commendable job at creating the logo and I can imagine that they must have spent long hours discussing and deliberating the final design among themselves.

Design a logo to represent Hope Alive Uganda

Status: Finished

The members of Hope Alive Uganda would like to have a logo designed to represent their organization. The hope is that this logo will be included on all marketing materials, letters and official communications from the organization. Eddy has envisioned their logo with a man in the center and two young children on either side with the organization name. Other creative ideas are welcome as well.

For this task, Eddy is looking for someone experienced in graphic design to create a Hope Alive Uganda logo.

Neighbours interested in Logo

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