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The task under the title in this thread mentions this - "One option was cloth, reusable sanitary pads."

It seems that 'sterilization' has not been an issue so far, and needs to be immediately addressed in consultation with a medical practitioner. In my opinion, it is not safe to adopt 'reusable' napkins unless they are 'sterilized' before use.

The Zorbeez are merely a substitute for the absorbent liners being already used by the village.

ok...perhaps the more serious neighbors involved in this task may proceed in the direction mentioned in my posts above, in case they feel some benefits can be derived. Beyond this point, I might be able to assist 'only' with the maths in case something is too complicated.


I can see this on the zorbeez site:

The package includes:

2 giant Zorbeez®
2 large kitchen size Zorbeez®
BONUS - 2 giant Zorbeez®*
BONUS - 2 large kitchen size Zorbeez®*

Expenses for the whole lot as above = USD 10 + Shipping and handling USD 6.95 + Shipping and handling for bonus USD 6.95 + (as you say) shipping to Uganda USD 43 = Total USD 66.90

How many sanitary napkins can be cut out of this whole lot, and what becomes the price of each absorbent part for one napkin?

For example:


This is an 'ultra-absorbent cloth', 'washable', and 'can last for years'.


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