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Hello Ken,
I am praising God for what He is doing in our lives. I am happy that Kameke is growing day by day and this is the plan of God to His children. I talked to Dad Simon and I am hoping that he will send you the postal contact for the school. Grateful for your prayers and gifts. I would appreciate if we continue to pray for the kids in Kameke. Pig farm is growing.
Hello Mum Virginia, am happy that the pig farm is growing. Simon told me that they got other 13 piglets. Praise God that am seeing His hand. Blessing to all of you.

I am so grateful to God for the progress of Kameke Village. I am happy that God will provide what you need Simon. Let's continue to trust Him and pray.
wish you all the best.

Dear neighbors,
Easter blessings to all of you. I hope the kids of Kameke enjoyed this event in a good hope.How great is to see this excellency performance! i can't wait to see the kids in their beautiful classes.Ie who care just see the photos as a dream. when i visited kameke, i lost hope to see how kids are suffering but when i was praying while in simon house, i got hope that there is someone who cares for us. and I just said that let's pray and see what God puts in the future of the Kameke's kids.


Hey Dad Simon,
The work of those who believe will not be done in vain. The fruits are following the children of God. I really miss you people. I can see the excellent work in Kameke. Keep the work Simon.
I pray for you people.
Would you please greet the kids for me, please? I love them.

I am proud of you Simon. Let us continue to praise God for what He is doing for the kids of Kameke. I was surprised to see the pictures of the building. How good is this! Very fabulous. I continue to pray for you guys.
Much blessings to those who helped and continue to help Kameke Village.

Dear friends,
I would request all of us to pray for this Village Kameke. I visited this village when I was volunteering with Hope Alie Uganda. It is a really story that Kameke exists and need helps.
Thanks for your prayers and helps.

In my country there are many people who will donate their children's old clothings.Is is possible to get these material from some family.Maybe you can mail these messages to more people to let them know what you need and then there will be many people to reply these activities

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