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Mosquito nets for Nabitende: share your experience of net distribution in Uganda, or help us raise money

Status: Just started

Malaria is a problem in Nabitende so EFORDE wishes to provide mosquito nets to community members.

They would like to start by obtaining 100 nets to be distributed to children, mothers and the elderly.

Many organisations provide free or reduced-cost nets in Uganda but, because of the high level of need across the country and lack of information on application procedures, it is not easy for a community to be selected to receive these nets.

Countdown to Wolrd Malaria Day, 25 April - A message from Emmanuel

Dear all,

One day before World Malaria Day we have secured 250 bednets for the three villages. Thank you so much for making this happen. Countdown to World Malaria Day tomorrow and get some more people involved. We need you to spread the word.
If you still want to donate, you can do this here:

Dear all,

I would like to wish you a very Happy Eastern. I hope everybody has a great week-end.

Provide Mosquito Nets to 360 Orphaned Children in Mawoito

Status: Needs urgent help

This task is intended to combat the high rate of malaria among the orphaned children in the community of Mawoito. Therefore if provided with nets, it will help in combating the spread of malaria in the community. Malaria is currently the most killer disease in the community of Mawoito. It poses a significant threat among the children - especially the orphaned children who lack parental care.

Hi everybody,

Thanks Emmanuel for attaching the document. I really hope that Erick could come to Wakitaka and train the youths.
The document contains just some first ideas, so please go ahead and comment. I am sure there are some more ideas we could find.

Have a good week-end everybody - "bon week-end" in French


Hello Tonny,

Regarding - 'the poor families are not able to afford' - in your post above, the following might help the community:

- money is not required to remove collected water from drains, or household utensils, etc where mosquito larvae may be breeding. It is an activity to be done on a daily basis by each household on their own, and by themselves.

Till you get the mosquito nets, the following precautions could be immediately taken:

- breeding of mosquito larvae must be stopped. Mosquito larvae breed in stagnant water like stored water in houses, water tanks, drains, ponds, etc. All such stored water must be drained regularly wherever possible.

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