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Bramuel recently met a man named Tom, who is an outreach officer on malaria from Sweden and works with different projects around the world. He has been in Kenya for the past 3-weeks. Tom will be visiting Arrow Web Hospital for the next week. Bramuel tells me that he found the hospital website via a Google search. Bramuel also told me that Tom wanted to visit the hospital so that next time he's in Kenya he may be able to offer assistance in relation to malaria related health issues.

Hi Emmanuel, hi everybody,

Following up the question by Lotte - at which point are the youths already educated about Malaria? Are there any traditional beliefs about Malaria in the village? And is there a health centre, where people can go?
I had a look around in Nabuur and there are already a lot of resources out there. I did not have the time to look at all of them - I´ll continue as soon as possible -, but here are already some ideas.

Innovative ways the youths can fight against Malaria in Wakitaka - a discussion

Status: Just started

Many families have been affected by Malaria and HIV/Aids in Wakitaka. Having discussed the problem of Malaria, the youths are eager to get involved in fighting Malaria in their community.

Some few families consider buying a mosquito net for a mother who is pregnant. But after giving birth, the families rarely consider buying one for the children. Many parents use mosquito nets while their children do not. A net costs about 4$ sometimes 5$ and very few families in Wakitaka are using any measure to prevent Malaria.

Research & identify options to supply mosquito nets

Status: Finished

Arrow Web Hospital would like to maintain stock of mosquito netting that can be provided to women in the Kayole-Soweto community with children under the age of 5-years. If the hospital can get an initial supply to keep in stock, the hope is that they would be able to add a line item to the budget to purchase replacements for those that are given out each month.

The hospital presently treats around 200 patients per month. Out of these, approximately 75% are women with children under the age of 5 years. The estimated cost for purchasing a treated mosquito net locally is $5 USD.

I have compiled a list of websites with educaional materias geared towards teaching children about malaria, and included some ideas and suggestions. Please tell me if they work, and maybe we can go from there.

• Identification of possible mosquito breeding sites
o Open ditches carrying stagnant water
o Ponds, swamps, puddles, pits and drains
o Edges of streams, in water containers, tanks and in rice fields

Help Develop and Implement a plan for teaching orphans to combat Malaria

Status: Finished

From Eddy:

"The children under hope alive uganda are facing a problem of inadequate Beddings for example Blankets,Mattresses,Mosquito nets, and bedsheets.

Malaria has proved to be a grate threat.It has been so rampant.
Hope that mosquito nets will help to eradicate the rampant malaria.
I am there for requesting the Neighbours To join hands with me,find ways of cubing this problem.You are all welcome."

New York 2003

Dear Colleagues

It is good that you have been able to obtain bednets ... or is it mosquito curtains ... for use against malaria in Busukuma. I hope they will work, and help to reduce the burden of malaria in your community.

My study of malaria control over the past few years suggests that bednets will help the persons using the bednets ... but do almost nothing for everyone else in the community. This is better than nothing, but not a full solution by any means.

Mosquito nets for the new dormitories

Status: Finished

At the present time, there are 7 students at Notre Dame High School sick from Malaria. Last week, there were 10 students sick with Malaria. It is the rainy season in Masaka and they fully expect that Malaria cases will rise.

In order to combat Malaria, they would like to utilize mosquito nets in the new dormitories, but not all students or teachers can afford to purchase them. In Uganda, a treated mosquito net can cost Ug shs 15000, and an untreated one costs around Ug shs 10000.

Here is a summary from my chat with Christopher earlier this morning-


The two young ladies who were to present their report on Malaria in Busukuma stood up and looked into the lecture room. The room was full with chatting students who had already attended a number of lectures. Nobody stopped talking until suddenly, the buzzing sound of a mosquito made everybody silent. “What is this?” asked the student behind me to his neighbour. While the students in the lecture room were still wondering what was happening, the two ladies in front clapped their hands as if they killed the mosquito and the sound stopped.

Groups and villages about malaria

Neighbours interested in malaria

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