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Attached is a list of a few different resources you may be able to contact to help with equipment for your lab. Some of these are focused on schools only, so when contacting them you may want to specifically reference your needs in relation to the nursing school. I collected these based on some prior research that Mary Smith and I did for the Masaka village and also based on contacts made previously for Arrow Web Hospital.

I hope that one or more of these are helpful to you.

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Thanks to Kitchen Table Charities Trust, Bramuel was able to go out yesterday and purchase 3 pieces of medical laboratory equipment for Arrow Web Hospital; a hematology analyzer, a bacteriological incubator, and a Biochemistry Colorimeter. He is working on getting it all set up now.

He has contacted NHIF and requested that they send an official out to the hospital for their next accreditation inspection. This will take place on 3/19/09.

I am SO excited to report that we heard back from Kitchen Table Charities Trust this evening in response to the proposal we submitted several weeks ago. They have ACCEPTED our proposal and have agreed to provides the funds requested to purchase the lab equipment!!

This equipment will allow the hospital to request inspection of the improvements to the facility for the next higher level of NHIF accreditation. The best part about this is that it will also allow them to begin accepting referrals from other facilities.

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