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Hi everyone-just wanted to give you two quick updates:

1. The visit with the Japanese Embassy went well. One of the Embassy officers plans to come to the hospital next week for a site visit and will advise more at that point.

2. Bramuel notified me today that the money from Kitchen Table Charities Trust has safely arrived in the hospital bank account, so now they will be able to move forward with purchase and installation of the new equipment.

All the best-



I inquired with GiveMeaning staff today and they tell me that the funds for the clothes were transferred on Saturday, 2/7/09. Please check your email for additional details and keep us posted as to the progress once you're able to pay Sabina.


I wanted to let everyone know what's going on with the money transfer for the funds that were raised. We submitted the bank information for the transfer, but unfortunately, they ask for at least a month to get the transfer accomplished. Apparently they only have one part-time accounting person on staff who handles these things for them and they are a bit behind in getting dispersements out.

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