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Hello Gerry my name is called George otieno ouma i have pre school and am also do organic farm and permaculture. but we lack support one i writ to Jenifer from nabuur to send even volunteer to help us support these school in Kenya near lake victoria she never give Good way to help these and we are come in smllss community in Kenya where the people are not filling very well some people died with HIV Aid and we remain with orphan, please what your doing to other place in Kenya do it every where to the world

i am oteng,a social work student at the university of ghana.i love to help people in need and so i would like to take up thye task of being a staff of kirc foundation.i will work perfectly.

A need for dairy cattle to help eradicate poverty

Status: Needs urgent help

Before we talk about any other investment opportunity in this Village, our focus should be put on the nature of the people and their environment.

This point drives us to nomadic life style of most of the ethnic tribes in the country particularly the people in Kaberamaido.

Being that these people are original cattle keepers, there is no doubt that they offer a good opportunity for investment in dairy farming or other verieties of improved breeds of animals and crops.

Already, the potential is there and just waits to be exploited.

Kindly add my name for online team.Please confirm.

First steps towards a better experience

The input that was provided here, was used as a starting point for an improvement plan, which is attached. From all the messages it was clear that the system may be working technically, but the right user experience is missing. In other words: the floor is there, the music is who will open the dance?

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Hello, I can translate from Bengali to English and of course, from English to Bengali.


Neighbours interested in NABUUR development

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