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SNS Nepal is an initiative set up by an enthusiastic team of locals within the Pokhara area.The main objective of SNS Nepal is to be a catalyst towards social change through enhancing educational opportunities, health care, environmental awareness and cultural exchange.

Tejanath, It really is fabulous that that through Nabuur as well as the Sankhuwasabha website your district has managed to attract a slow trickle of visitors, trrekers and people who want to help! I feel that having worked with you for couple of years now we can really see some great progress in the region and in your community. Congratulations. It's wonderful :) I hope it continues to progress.


Dear Catherine,
It's been a while we heard from you! Sorry that Sabina could not work as priority on the questions you had asked, but she has been very busy lately and it is very difficult with currently only 4 hours of electricity per day...I hope you're still with us and can give us an update :)
Best, Angelika

I had the opportunity to talk with Tejanath tonight for about 45 minutes. He said that the meeting with the VIPs was a great success. He presented the tourism plan and then there was a long discussion about possibilities for tourism in the district.

Now that the Sankhuwasabha Tourism Committee (STC) has been formed, the next step is for them to go and register the organization with the district administrative office in Khandbari. They have scheduled another meeting for this coming Thursday to prepare organizational documents to take with them for the registration.

That's fantastic news Tejanath! Great job! I'm eager to talk to you more about the meeting and what everyone had to say as well as recommendations for moving forward.

I will talk with you soon! Thanks for posting this update.


Dear Neighbors

Today I am very much pleased to inform you all that a Sankhuwasabha Tourism Council STC has been for formed under the chairmanship of Mr. Man Bahadur Limbu. The committee has been formed of nine members. I have been elected the secretary of the council.

I will also serve the village being the local representative of Sankhuwasabha for the NABUUR.

This morning, I began devising a list of volunteer organizations and contact information. This will be better transferred into an Excel spreadsheet I think, but I wanted to get us started. This is another area where there are literally hundreds of agencies out there, so again, as with the other task, I feel like we should target a specific number, or at least talk about what might be a good "qualifier" to look for before making contact.

I thought this link might be useful just simply for information's sake as a reference.

It contains a lot of statistics about tourism in Nepal-including who is visiting, where they are from, etc.


I came across this organization tonight and thought it was worth mentioning to you. Take a look through their website and let me know if you think it might be worthwhile to register the project with them and get more volunteers to come to Nepal to help the school.


Neighbours interested in Nepal

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