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Your Help Needed in Gamauli, Nepal

Krishna Primary School, a school for children ages 7-12 in a remote area of Nepal, needs your help.

Wow! The pictures are really great, Sabina!

My choice from the above would be pictures 1, 3, 4 ,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 - they are especially well composed I think.

Best, Angelika

Hi Mika,
I liked your text much better now :) I just made a few changes. Sabina, what do you think?
Best, Angelika

As I mentioned Sabina said she could take care of the photos :) but she also asked what to take pictures of...any ideas? I said a close-up of a child, view of Yoshinkhel, of a temple, the women at work might all be nice motives. I like the two new pictures Sabina just put online, for example.

What do you think?


Status: In progress

New to the Gamauli Village? Namaste!

We are so happy that you've chosen to join us and wish you a very warm welcome to our village here at Nabuur. Please take a few minutes to introduce yourself here. Tell us who you are and what interested you in our project. If you have any special skills or expertise you think might help, let us know!

PROJECT ROOM-A Place for General Project Updates and Information

Status: In progress

This space will be used for general project updates. Updates on discussions with our local representative, Min, will be posted to keep everyone as informed as possible with what is going on with our project.

If information does not fit nicely with one of the tasks noted above, this is the place to post it.

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