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Research options for securing an X-ray machine, Baby Incubator & ultrasound equipment

Status: Just started

The last step required to achieve level-A accreditation status under NHIF is for Arrow Web Hospital to secure an X-ray machine, baby incubator and ultrasound equipment. With each level of accreditation under NHIF, the amount of money the hospital is reimbursed per card-carrying patient per month increases. This equipment will also again allow the hospital to accept referrals from other areas, also increasing the amount of reimbursement they receive.

Hi everyone-I hope you are all having a good weekend. Bramuel and I spoke this morning, so I wanted to update regarding a few things:

Bramuel's computer at the hospital has apparently been infected by a virus. He has taken it to be repaired and his data is backed up, but he was told they may not be able to fix it. He should know more about that tomorrow. Hopefully they will be able to remove the virus and get it up and running again very soon. He had to go to the Internet Cafe to speak with me this morning.

Arrow Web Hospital Awarded Level B Accreditation Status

Yesterday, we thought we were going to have to wait until Monday for reinspection, but our NHIF official decided to visit the hospital today instead.

I am SO excited to report that we heard back from Kitchen Table Charities Trust this evening in response to the proposal we submitted several weeks ago. They have ACCEPTED our proposal and have agreed to provides the funds requested to purchase the lab equipment!!

This equipment will allow the hospital to request inspection of the improvements to the facility for the next higher level of NHIF accreditation. The best part about this is that it will also allow them to begin accepting referrals from other facilities.

Hi everyone-things have been so quiet in our village, I wanted to give you a brief update after speaking with Bramuel this morning:

1. WEBSITE: Bramuel has all of the changes and has gone through them with Steve, the website designer. He tells me that the changes have been made, but just are not published yet. Steve has apparently been out of town and he hopes to see the changes published this week.

I received a message from Bramuel today with an update:

"I checked out with the pharmacy and i have seen we have achieved more than a half of the NHIF stock standard. am so greatful on this.today i was with the NHIF official and he was so greatful too."

That's fantastic news! Hopefully with one more month of accepting NHIF cards, you'll receive enough reimbursement funds to purchase the remaining medications too.



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