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Lily, the blind dog and her trusted buddy, without whom she can't go walkies!

My limited experience would say to focus less on computer hardware such as expensive, energy gobbling hardware, like servers and explore more modern options to use 'cloud computing', where data and information is saved in the ethernet. Eg explore sites such as '' for storage and back-up of written documents. Try '' for images and getting your message out to others about what you do.

I would like to be involved in the camp if I can make the date and the location. I used to work for the UK Open University so I have a lot of experience in using the Internet to provide education and training using Open Source software. Also I'm currently working with Water Aid to work out a strategy for tackling the wells that have been installed but are now not working (up to 50% in some parts of Africa). I'm an engineer with some experience of appropriate technology solutions.

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