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A report on the Medical Home Care program in Vijayapuram.

The Medical Home Care Program pilot project report is now available.

Joseph not sure if you have read this document- it's worth getting familiar with. I will take a good look at it too.
It is the official State of Kerala Palliative Care Policy document.

Regards Carolyn

Hi everyone, sorry i have not posted for a few weeks- I've been off sick with the dreaded Flu!
I a now researching and re-investigating some of the organisations which were mentioned in previous posts to see if there are ways in which we can link up with them.

I came across a great government website that had a lot of useful info on it:

In 2008 arogya keralam project was implemented by Institute of Palliative Medicine.

The project aims to
1) Identify patients in need
2) Offer guidance for appropriate treatment

Wanted: some local key figure who knits things together (Alzheimer organisation, hospital etc). Could the doctor who is willing to cooperate in the project be the one to do that? His first task then would not be providing care but helping to help embedding and facilitating the project. Also helping to formulate whats needed basically to start. Or there might be someone else?

Hi everybody
i found an article about funding of palliative care in India. Which shows one has to be creative to raise the money needed because insurances and government dont supply it.

and a specific question to Joseph: based on statistical incidence, how many demented people would live in your village?
Bram de Waard

hi Joseph
my compliments having written your businessplan.
But i think, and agree on that with Carolyn, it IS too ambitious and needs a planning scheme as building up is concerned and in time.
I say too ambitious because even in a wealthy country as the Netherlands your plan would not be financed.

Hi Joseph, it's great that you already made contact with Mr Kanamala- even though he was not able to help you immediately. My suggestion would be to make contact with him again shortly and remind him that you are still interested and that you still want assistance in designing a home based service.
Did you get the email I sent you with the full text from Dr Roy? I sent it to your yahoo email. I will send you Dr Roys email however he is currently away at a conference.

I haven't written to aidindia yet. I'll write to them tonight.

hi Carolyn, Joseph and everybody
Carolyn I found an interesting overview of palliative medicine over the world. NNPC is also named in it and its director Dr K. Suresh Kumar (Institute for palliative medicin in Calicut)
The article is named Palliative Care Toolkit edited by The World Wide Palliative Care Alliance
(pdf document).

Webpage of NNPC:

Bram, I have just read the article you posted (barefoot healthcare) and it is brilliant! I'm excited- you've stumbled upon something that can give us many leads. And yes you are right- this organisation has already set up a very effective network of palliative care volunteers. Jospeh- plese read this article. Everything you want to do- they are already doing it!

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