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Develop a Sustainable Solution for Providing Scholastic Materials to the Students

Status: Just started

There are presently 242 students enrolled in the school. The school has some text books, reading novels, pencils, pens, coloured pencils, etc., but many students still go without. Sports equipment would also be a blessing to our school.

These pupils need assistance paying school fees. The fee helps to provide school uniforms, food, clothing, and basic medical care. The school uniform is yellow in color and we employed a local tailor to make them. We hope to provide at least two pairs per pupil, that is 484 uniforms for 242 pupils.

learning materials needed for next term

leraning materials needed very urgently

Support RCMI in Providing Scholastic Materials to 200 Children

Status: Needs urgent help

Help RCMI secure SCHOLASTIC MATERIALS/SCHOOL SUPPLIES (such as books, pens, art materials, bags, uniforms, shoes, etc.) for the 200 children whom RCMI sends to different schools. This is part of our resource mobilization activities of the Jinja East neighbors at Nabuur. Without school uniforms or other needed supplies, many children simply do not report to school - RCMI wants to change that.

God bless as you think about ways that we can address this need in a sustainable way. Please share your ideas and potential resources here.

Brainstorm Ideas To Obtain All Sorts Of School Stationary

Status: Needs urgent help

The Bukoggolwa Secondary School is in need of all kinds of stationary, such as:

-Pencils & Pens
-Color pencils

For starters we would like to brainstorm ideas on where and how to obtain these school materials.

Learning materials

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

we sajos acdemy kiserian ,we are clocated in kiserian village,kajiado district ,kenya ,we are back to school for tution and we need all our neigbours to help us with ideas or information how we can get learning materials ,because we do not have them and we are in need of them very urgently.

There are some things that are urgently needed at the sajos School.

One category is learning materials: The school is looking for

-Exercise books


-Story books


-Pens and pencils


-Geometric sets

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