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As I mentioned Sabina said she could take care of the photos :) but she also asked what to take pictures of...any ideas? I said a close-up of a child, view of Yoshinkhel, of a temple, the women at work might all be nice motives. I like the two new pictures Sabina just put online, for example.

What do you think?

Here is what our neighbour Barb thought we should consider from her experience with making a calendar for Kyomya. A neighbour is selling them through schools in the US that she has made arrangements with to have students sell with $3 from each sale going to the school (making a $10 profit on each calendar - the production cost calculated at between 5 and 7 USD and with a sales price of 20 USD).

1. You need high resolution and high quality photos - Sabina would take care of that
2. You need someone to prepare the calendar
3. You need funds to cover the printing costs

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