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Hi Jude
I reviewed the project plan. I have written a number of these myself over time. Please don't be put off by the amount of suggested amendments. I have tried not only to make your project more specific in detail, to secure support for it, but I have also improved grammer, to make it readable and understandable. Hope this helps. Do not be put off by the fact that the document is an .ODT file. You can change it to .DOC (Microsoft Word file)

Good luck with the project. Kind regards Denise
If I am not sure of my next step, I ask or make it up as I go along : D

Angela Byrne

Hello Denis,

I've had a look through the initial information for Butikiro and commend both the vision and the structured approach that you are developing. In particular I think your plan to build organisational capacity within the village will help a great deal with the success of the other aspects of the project.

I look forward to seeing some concrete tasks that I can help with appear in the project room as things progress. You mention two initial activities above:

- Help in developing a proposal on water melon growing


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