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Update on our Poultry Project

The goal of the Nakyerongosa Poultry Project is to improve the welfare of women and families in Nakyerongosa.

Help Define Income Generation Activities to Support the School

Status: Just started

We are considering all possible means of income generation to help our school and the students that we serve. We are seriously considering income-generation activities such as raising poultry, establishing a demonstration garden at the school and teaching tailoring and/or other artisan skills to our students.

Yes, Stanley. You have correctly understood my message. Poultry on a small scale, as the only means of livelihood, is not something that people should ever try to survive on.


Chicken - broiler or layers?

Status: Finished

The youths in the village started to do poultry farming two months ago. They have a house where to keep them - one of the villagers provided it to them. The first broilers are now ready to sell and most of them have already been sold.

New question:

Hi Emmanuel and neighbours,
I did some research on the internet. And found some usefull links.

The first one is about goat farms. There are some tips on the website and maybe there is a possibility to join the give a goat project? Or approach a funding organisation? The Mukwano project is a Nabuur project so maybe we can get their help to develop the goat breeding business? http://www.belastingvrij.org/projecten/nabuur/Kakabada.htm

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your advise!! For the SWOT analysis, find the attached file in MS word format. We are also trying to draft a business plan as a team. We will require neighbors to assist in making additions and subtractions in our write up. Otherwise for now I wish you all the best, and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Emmanuel Menya
(Local Rep.)


Do you need copies of different business plan templates? I would recommend as a first step that you meet together as a group to do some brainstorming on the SWOT analysis I posted about in the other task. I think it is really important that you work together with the youth and make them active participants in the business planning process. Each section of the plan you could work on together, and then post here for comments on what you come up with so that we could help guide you.

Hi Neighbors,

The Youth are interested in Poultry keeping and Cross bred goat farming. We therefore invite Neighbors with useful resources to help the Village develop their ideas into a feasible business plan that will be implemented in the area.

Best Regards,
Emmanuel Menya

Hi Emmanuel-

I have been reading through the information you have posted and was wondering if you could provide some additional information about the poultry enterprise that you are currently working on. Are the chickens boilers? for eggs? breeding to sell?

Is food typically grown for the chickens or purchased? Are you looking toward expanding and developing the poultry business first, or looking toward other options?


Write a business plan and prepare a financial budget

Status: Finished

The Village wants to start to generate income through farming (poultry, goats, piggery) and vegetable growing. Help the village to finalise the business plan and to assess its strengths and weaknesses. The financial budget should contain the initial costs of purchase as well as the expected profits and their expected evolution.
Wakitaka has an initial budget of 1000USD that should now be invested as profitable as possible. Any accounting and business specialists, you are more than welcome to give advice.

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