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Hi John,

Since we talked about science and environment lessons etc. Mary posted a great website for science lessons in low income countries - the method uses day to day objects to make it cheaper.
Maybe you can take some ideas from it.


Arvind Gupta works in India where he has come up with many ways of teaching science to children for very low cost, using everyday objects. He encourages children to develop an interest in science through building and playing with simple science-based toys. From what I have read, his methods have been very successful.

Search organisations to donate toys and learning books

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
A week

The new school year will start in September and 80 pupils in the age of 3 - 12 years old will be playing and learning at the school. The School needs indoor and outdoor toys for the kids to play, as well as learning books for pre- school and primary school. Especially books for learning English and Maths.

Search organisations to contact for donations. Or organise the collection of toys and book yourself.

Project: Village talk

Hi Daniel,

Sorry for not responding earlier, I was away from home. From what you describe about your village it seems that you have mainly material needs for your schools. It is a private school, right?
I think although donations could help in the beginning, in order to be sustainable you should think about generating income. There are a lot of villages on Nabuur having started to do gardening and chicken and goat rearing to generate income to pay for there needs. What are people doing in Kiserian, what kind of agriculture? Is there a possibility to have a school garden or so?

Neighbours interested in primaty school

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