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If the problem is still there, I want to give you few advices on how to sell your products:

1. Online
a. Twitter account - where you can post pictures, links to your homepage, messages to some potential buyers or investors
b. Facebook page - nowadays is frequent to have online shops on Facebook (I'm not sure if this means to pay for this extra service), but the page itself is free of charge. When you make it, just share the link with your friends, with us, so that, we could promote it further through our private pages on Facebook, Twitter and other channels :)

Last summer, storytelling really started to take off and a great group of writers joined this team to help us tell the world about all the great things going on in the villages.

Help Update Our Tourism Brochure

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

UPDATE (as of 7/10/11)

A brochure was designed for this task, but the volunteer who designed it is no longer in contact with Tejanath and he is seeking help updating it. There is additional information that he would like to add. Can you help him update the brochure?

Previous Task

The tourism committee would like to develop a professional brochure to promote Sankhuwasabha and increase the number of visitors to the district. For this task we are asking volunteers to help us:

1. Define what information should be included in a tourism brochure.

I did write a plan to make working on the tourism project easier. Feel free to give other/better/more suggestions!

Warm regards, Lotte

Proposal to promote tourism in Sankhuwasabha

Promote tourism within Sankhuwasabha by supporting existing organizations.


Step 1. What do you want to offer?
Develop a clear vision about what you want to offer.


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