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If volunteers wish to donate shoes for the children at the school, where can donations be sent?

Can you provide a range of shoe sizes so that donations can be matched to the most children possible?

What type of shoes would be most beneficial?

Can you update regarding how many children are at the school currently that would benefit from help with shoes?


Hi Pastor -

I know that you are hoping to define your village tasks according to the 5 different project areas outlined in your strategic plan. When I looked it over, I had a few questions.


How many children attend the school?
What resources/scholastic materials are currently available?
What specifically is needed for the students?
The pictures you posted show students all dressed in yellow - is this the school uniform? If so, who made them and how many more are needed for the students enrolled?

What information are you seeking specifically? I'd be happy to answer any questions that are not answered here and am certain that Gladys, our local representative would be as well, but we need to understand better what you are asking for.

There is information in the village background and threads of each task about the school. If there is something more that is not already noted, please let me know what your question(s) are.

Thank you-

Facilitator for Atulibabsi


You'll remember back in November, we posted about the water project to the EngineerAid forum. Basically, I asked for input regarding the plan to get water to the school. This morning, Romina pointed out that we had received two responses from engineers with questions about the project. I was able to log in and upload the proposed plan for routing the water to the school, as well as a picture showing where the market is located in relation to the school.

The following questions were sent to Tejanath on 10/26/08 requesting clarification about the information presented above:

1. What is the concrete problem the community wants to address?

Our community would like to address the following twin problems:

The tourism busines in Sankhuwasabha has been facing many porblems because of lack of lack of well-facilitated hotels. Lack of information about the beautiful places, the place of historical importance, curo goods, bio diversity etc.

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