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Here is a great resource to help calculate how much rain you could save wherever in the world you live. All you need to do is zoom into your rooftop on the map, then draw a box on your rooftop, then click finished.

Rainwater harvesting Calculator

If you feel this is a useful resource, please give it a vote and leave a comment. Greatly appreciated!


Great images, Walude !

You could also indicate the year of construction, the level of expenses involved, and some feedback on the maintenance issues. If possible, contact details and location of the owners could also be provided.


hi barb

good initiative
discussion about waterharvesting is going on in several villages, and instead of starting the discussion new in each village, we can just find all in the water group!

the forums and sites posted so far look usefull.

At my previous workplace, they started the Rainwater Harvesting Implementation Network: http://rainfoundation.org

Hi all,

In response to my recent posts on Nakyerongosa village on nabuur about rainwater harvesting, Asuman Kaggwa, who represents this village, has informed me through an email that he will be happy to share his experiences with rainwater harvesting at his village. They have posted photographs of 2000 litre water jars on their village pages on nabuur, and Asuman can be directly contacted for any advice on rainwater harvesting.

This will be in addition to the the help extended by Walude as in this thread above.


Further to my posts on rainwater harvesting in this thread, I have noticed the following developments on rainwater harvesting by other villages on nabuur:

- Nakyerongosa village on nabuur has uploaded photographs of water jars of 2000 litres each provided at the village to collect rainwater

It is good to see photographs of the 2000 litres rainwater jars that you have uploaded on the village pages. There are at least two other villages in Uganda on nabuur that I am aware of, where they are struggling for some help on ideas for rainwater harvesting, and obviously they are completely unaware of the progress made by your village on this aspect.

Sinéad, further to my post above, I have created a basic hypothetical example to estimate the quantum of water through rainfall in the Uganda region.

The link below provides data on monthly rainfall in Uganda:

The picture I get from this link is -
- Uganda gets rain all 12 months of the year
- minimum average rainfall in a month is 55 mm
- maximum average rainfall in a month is 185 mm

Hi Sinead,

It was good to read your thoughts.

Water happens to be a critical input for human life, and large populations in several regions are deprived of this basic necessity.

The link through my first post in this thread opens a site which indicates the usual equipment that goes into rainwater harvesting. This will enable a quick understanding of the systems usually involved.

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