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Hello Danielle,
I am happy you are here. We greet you from Cameroon. The World Students are already completing the project proposal and I think funding document or research on low cost building information. What I think you can do now is research potential funding sources whom we think can aid with the building of the school. Also think up ways in which we can approach them, things like that. Any other questions I will entertain. I look forward to working with you.

Please see the attached document and scroll to (approximately) page 3 for detailed information on the proposed Conference. After reading please share your thoughts, comments, etc. All are welcome.

Currently we need volunteers to work in groups to research and find potential sponsors or possible groups/individuals who might like to attend this conference. Once we have 700USD secured, we will begin to contact these individuals or groups with information about the conference.

Anna Soper

Assist in the creation of a 'Buterere Conference'

Status: Finished

Our local representative and his team in Burundi have developed the idea to host a conference or a workshop in Buterere. The purpose of this will be to promote our higher learning school as well as to create a curriculum for courses. It will give youth, students, doctors, professors, etc to contribute to the development of this school and to share ideas and knowledge.

Jean-Claude writes:
We will need finances to cover some expenses:
- Fanta or lemonade during pause
- Transportation of Doctors/Professors
- pay for a Conference Room

Hello I have a listing of international organizations that can possibly be utilized as well as I am creating a list on Twitter for your Village right now .. your twitter designation for this informational site will be

and this link will provide you with an assortment of International fund raising foundations that have already been collected and put into order ..

Search for organizations to donate healthcare literature

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two hours

Healthcare literature in English, French or local languages are needed to educate patients on healthcare matters and concerns.

Servers for Kabondo

Status: Finished

A neighbour from the UK has a number of servers to donate to Kabondo that will hopefully be used in a resource centre/library/internet cafe. He has them almost ready to go, but needs assistance with a few areas.

First, he has indicated that he can assist with part of the shipping costs, but they are higher then expected so his thought is to have some kind of fundraising in the UK. The funds could be used not only for shipping but could go towards the microloan projects and Kabondo projects in general. Here's where you may be able to help:

Teaching women and girls to make cloth sanitary pads

Status: Just started

Some months ago a discussion started on Nabuur about girls in Kabondo, Kenya not being able to attend school during their period; a common problem in many parts of the developing world. Disposable pads are very expensive and alternatives don't seem to exist for most girls. They often just stay home for the 5-10 days per month that they have they period, rather than be embarrassed. This cuts heavily into their education. ( To see past discussion visit


Small-scale Farming Project Plan: Research

Status: Finished

The goal of the Small-scale Farming Project Plan task is to make a practical and well-founded plan for a school garden that provides the most essential food for the school children. The first phase in o achieving this is to do the following research:

• Analyse which crops are suitable (regarding to nutritional values, soil, water, climate, resistance against illnesses, costs, yields etc.)

• Research the Nabuur forum, (e.g., Khaparapada), for discussions about organic farming, no digging, no tilling, no outside inputs, permanent beds, drip irrigation etc.

Research Sweet Potatos

Status: Finished

The community wanted to learn more about alternative uses for sweet potato, improved or alternative growing methods, and any other information related to varieties, value-added options and so forth.

Please assist the community by gathering information specifically on Sweet Potatoes and:

1. Nutritional value
2. Growing methods and alternatives appropriate in Kabondo
3. Possible alternative uses (such as starch) for income generation
4. Any other relevant information

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