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I am Esther Kamau I run a community library in Nairobi at Uthiru village in a bid to promote an encourage a reading culture. The uptake for readership is Kenya is high but the cost of books is very high makeing them inaccessible to the majority and low income earners, hence the inception of SHIROZ BOOK LENDING LIBRARY AND RESOURCE CENTRE.

I need a partner who can help in constructing shelters for orphans. I already have the land but no resources. Thirty children are in the cold with no hope but we are trying to give them hope. The number is growing every other day

Dear all-

I have removed the multiple tasks in the project room that were duplicates of this task. It looked like the majority of the discussion was taking place here. Sushmita had shared several links in some of the other tasks which I've included here to preserve them in case all have not be explored yet. The links she shared are as follows:


Contact Detail-
Contact Detail-

Compile List of Resources

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two hours

We've had a ton of great posts over the last number of months with a ton of leads to possible funders, partners, information, etc.
What we need now is ORGANIZATION.

We need a volunteer with a few hours to spare to go through all the posts in Buterere and make a document categorizing and listing each link, address, phone number, contact person, etc.

If you have organizational skills, PLEASE lend a hand with this.


Hi Jenniffer,
Thank you so much for the link for the disabled persons resources. I will go there and if there is anything I will come back to you with some questions. Things are fine in Cameroon.

Could any of our neighbours spend an hour or so going through all the tasks where posts have been made and find all the links/resources that have been contributed. Then a document could be created so that all the information (web address, contact info, etc) is all in one, easy to view list. That will make it much easier to see what kind of information has been gathered and it will be easier to contact the right organizations.

If you have some time, please help with this. it is essential to the organization of this project.

Let me know. Thanks

Anna Soper, facilitator


I came across this tonight and thought it looked like a good potential resource. It requires registration before you can use the tool, but says that it generates reports with the information entered that you can then use. Might be worth checking out:


Hi Gillian-

I just wanted to follow up and make sure you have what you need to move forward. If not, please let me know.

Thank you-


Storytelling resources

Status: Just started

Resources you can use about storytelling, making pictures etc.
Zambia educationa is failing every time now lacking capacity and quality education dual to HIV and AIDS that cause a lot of child heading homes/ poverty, lack of skills training for many children and youths, using platform sports to empowering girls and women to education and awareness in health and child labour.


One of the Local Rep's that I work with in Nepal was able to secure 3000 books for their school library simply by contacting local publishing houses in Nepal. This prompted me to look for resources within Uganda that you might contact. So far, I came up with these:

Executive Secretary
National Book Trust of Uganda (NABOTU)
Fountain House
Plot 55, Nkrumah Road,
3rd Floor, Suite 13 & 14
P O Box 25412, Kampala
Telephone: + 256 41 235264
Fax: + 256 41 251160

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