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Find a Market for Paper Beaded Jewelry, Necklaces and Accessories

Status: Just started

The HANDS IN SERVICE Organization is trying its best in making necklaces, bracelets and paintings to generate income for the organization. Currently, we have a very big number of necklaces and bracelets, but we do not have any market to sell our products. If we try to sell these items in the local market, they sell for very cheap and we are finding it impossible to raise enough money from them to support the organization.

A bracelet by hands in service.JPG
Bags from Papper beads.JPG
Neclaces ready for marketing.JPG
One of the members puting on their product..JPG

Dear Carolyn,
Nobody ever came up with the Terms and Conditions and we didn't really have much of a discussion about them either :( I just had a request from a new neighbour, Shruti, to say what we need help with - I will direct her to that!
Best, Angelika

Here is what our neighbour Barb thought we should consider from her experience with making a calendar for Kyomya. A neighbour is selling them through schools in the US that she has made arrangements with to have students sell with $3 from each sale going to the school (making a $10 profit on each calendar - the production cost calculated at between 5 and 7 USD and with a sales price of 20 USD).

1. You need high resolution and high quality photos - Sabina would take care of that
2. You need someone to prepare the calendar
3. You need funds to cover the printing costs

Neighbours interested in sales

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