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Ref;cleaning kiserian town

Status: Not started yet
Time needed: 
A week

clean kiserian initiative was established in January 2012 .The organization has 15 active members both men and women .The organization is not a profit making organization but is non-governmental ,purely voluntary to help improve on health and sanitation in kiserian


Initiate sanitation especially improving on disposal of waste ,establishing clean Eco toilet's ,cleaning the town and enhance health of the community


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Kasengejje Primary School started in 1962 by Church of Uganda, so it’s church founded. The school was specifically established and equipped with Christian values.

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Hi Richard and everyone, I am a new member of this site, but i have read at least most of the projects and how helpful this site has benefited and touched many poor people's lives especially in Africa.
Am just thanking all those organizations and individuals who have made this site a wonderful place by give donation both in form of advice and materials, thank you very much

Hope to read more and more heart comforting messages

keep up the good work

Ms. Kyazike Aida Christine
Head Teacher
Kasengejje Primary School
P.O Box 2669, Wakiso

Community Led Total Sanitation website

From the site:

The CLTS approach
Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) is an innovative methodology for mobilising communities to completely eliminate open defecation (OD). Communities are facilitated to conduct their own appraisal and analysis of open defecation (OD) and take their own action to become ODF (open defecation free).

Rawati and neighbours

I found this organisation that is based in Nepal.

Nepal Water For Health
An organization that focus on sanitation projects such as wells and latrines.

Lohasal, Kathmandu
Ph: 977-01-4377107/4377108
Fax: 977-01-4370078
P.O. Box: 4231
Contact person : Mr. Umesh Pandey, Director

Hi Lillian,

Here is some information on humanure - the use of human waste for fertilizer. The site has some good information on how to build a toilet that is basic, inexpensive and may meet your needs. Not sure how they would work in flood situations though...

This organization has some interesting facts listed on their website all with references.

Another group that works on water and sanitation issues is Engineers Without Borders. Here is a link to the Canadian site that has some good information on some of the work they do, including a pump. Thanks to Paul for providing the link in another thread.

Hello Mohamed,

Thank you for joining this group and posting about this project. Do you have any other information about the work being done? Is there a website or maybe some examples or lessons that others can learn from?



Hello Lillian,

Thank you for joining the water and sanitation group. I hope you find some good input here.

I am not a water expert, so I can only provide information and resources, but I can look over some of the resources already provided and see what is available. I will also try to find out some information specific to the problems facing your community, although since I am not a water expert, I can only gather information and hopefully you will find contacts that you can follow up with.

Groups and villages about sanitation

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