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Help us get books, reading materials and stationery for the school

Status: Needs urgent help

Dear Jennifer and all neighbors

Sorry for long gap and not updating the Gamauli village website. Even we have done so many things in Gamuli schools and also in school community. School has completed a building and going to establish library for small children.Friday celebration program is being very effective and students as well as parents participation is increasing.

Here I would like to request for neighbors and other people who are interested are well come for their donation of books, reading materials and stationary for the sch ool in Gamauli.

Share your ideas on how to obtain funding to complete the girls dormitory, or organise a fundraising event

Status: Finished

Many students travel long distances to Notre Dame High School, so board at the school during term time.

They already have a dormitory for the younger girls, and have started building one for the older girls too.

The main construction work is done, but the inside of the building still needs to be finished by completing the floor, plastering the walls, and adding windows and doors.

The estimated cost for this is 3,400,000 Ugandan Shillings (approx 1100 euros/US$1500 at today’s exchange rates). A detailed budget is attached in Excel and PDF format.

Help Liberia Foundation School Holds Fifth Closing Program

Our school in Liberia, Help Liberia Foundation Community School, held its fifth year-end program on Sunday, 11 July 2010.

Held in the Korduah Community in the City of Buchanan where the school is located, the program, which was the fifth of its kind since the school started in 2005, brought together staff, students, parents and guardians of the school, as well as residents of the community.

An important part of the year-end occasion was the graduation ceremony of the pre-grade pupils. Graduating and receiving certificates from the pre-grade department were thirteen children, comprising five boys and eight girls. They will begin their first primary-level class in September.

Hello Ildikó and Stephen,

It is good to know that you have the basics already worked out and are just waiting for the funds to roll in. In my previous post I had felt it necessary to take you straight to the issue of funds, since that is obviously what the task is all about, and engaging neighbours in discussions or seeking opinions on non-fund issues is simply going to delay matters and will not translate into funds for your village.

Since you already own the land, the next logical steps are:

- from your own experience, estimate the number of classrooms and other facilities required for the school (can be done locally at your end)
- contact a few architects and local builders for an estimate of expenditure for construction of the school (must be done locally at your end)
- arrange funds for construction of the school

Develop a Fundraising Plan to Purchase a Plot of Land

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

Sajos Academy Kiserian would like to purchase a plot of land on which they can build their own school. The school is paying a monthly rental fee for use of their existing building. The cost of rent at this time is 20,000 KES/month ($246.61 USD/158.79 GBP). "Yes We Can Self-Help Group" usually raises these funds monthly by members contributing 100 KES each. Sometimes they find it harder to raise the funds for rent due to other monthly expenses associated with running the school.


PROJECT ROOM - A Space for General Information & Updates

Status: Just started

The PROJECT ROOM on Nabuur is a space for providing general information and project updates. If you have information or ideas to share and it does not fit into any of the designated tasks above, this is the place to put it!

Adnan received a response from the International Book Project. They are asking him to complete the following application which is used when the organization does not need a full shipping container full.

For a clearer picture of your project, you could provide the following information for each item mentioned in your post:

- what is the present status?
- what are the proposed expansions?


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