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ARCHITECT WANTED to design school buildings

Status: Finished

Help Liberia Foundation School is currently in a rented house. This building does not really meet their needs, so they have purchased a piece of land where they are planning to build a school of their own.

They would like to find an architect who can help them create detailed building plans. Ideally this would be someone who already has experience of construction in a developing country and/or of school buildings.

If you are an architect and would like to take on this task, please post here.

Starting a school

Status: In progress

If you have started a school, share your experience of the start-up process.

Why did you decide to start a school, how did you encourage the local community to support you? What went well, what unexpected challenges did you face, what would you do differently?

If you are thinking of starting a school or education project, request advice from others here.

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