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Howdy Jeremy,

It is good to note that your village is not focusing purely on funds and fund-raising on nabuur.

Self-sustenance is the way to go for success and prosperity in the long-term.

Best wishes


I fully agree with the suggestions made by Cecilia above. I also firmly believe that a lot of wheels might start turning at the villages on nabuur provided they get rid of the existing fixation with 'money' and 'donations' and try to find solutions for 'self-sustenance' on a wide spectrum.


In my opinion, if anyone is serious about running a school, they need to employ good teachers and pay them well. Teaching through volunteers can only be successful as a part-time or leisure activity in holidays etc. Continuity of teaching and coherence with the county's education system are important factors which can only be fulfilled through well-paid teachers.

The focus must shift to raising funds 'through self-sustenance', for paying the teachers' salaries.


Hi Richard,

There can be a few suggestions to develop the land that you own, but these will involve some hard work at your end. I have found that villages on nabuur are more interested in raising funds on nabuur, and they look at nabuur as more of a fund-raising site. Mostly these villages are not not really open to ideas for self-sustenance, or learning how they can manage without donated funds.


Hi Stanley,

I think the option to be explored is not tailoring uniforms for the students of this particular school, since for this option, as you have rightly mentioned, the school will need a steady flow of funds from the sponsors of the uniforms.

You could start with the basics.

Step 1
- identify activities where income can be generated.
- for each activity, estimate the approximate income generation

Step 2
- identify activities where money is to be spent
- for each activity, estimate the approximate expenses

Step 3
based on Step 1 and Step 2 above, estimate the following:
- what is the gap between estimated income and estimated expenses.

Step 3 will give you an indication of how close or how far away the village is from self-sustenance.

Rick has made an important observation above. As a step towards self-sustenance related to the website alone, the village could create a draft reflecting their own ideas for the website, as perceived by the village themselves. Neighbours could then attempt further advice.

Self-sustenance is to be attempted in each small activity. Only then a big picture on self-sustenance can evolve and sustain over time.


For self-sustenance, a human needs food, air and water. Once these requirements are met, further requirements arise which are beyond the levels of sustenance.

There are no issues with availability of air.

In case there are issues with water, these can be specifically mentioned here, to enable neighbours to provide specific solutions.

Issues with food can be best addressed through farming, where basic household needs of food can be met for sustenance.

Hello Marsha,

I have provided my views at a macro-level in my earlier 2 posts in this thread. In case you can post here what you propose at a micro-level, it could be examined and discussed by all neighbours.

As I have suggested earlier, a focus on self-sustenance is important, to begin with. You must ask yourself - have all village members reached the level of self-sustenance? If the answer is 'no', then you need to first focus on issues of self-sustenance till this level is achieved by all members.

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