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How can the school make money for itself? Discuss and research options for income-generating activities

Status: Finished

At the moment, the school gets its income from the registration fees paid by students, the child sponsorship programme, and other small donations from abroad.

Over the longer term they would like to become less dependent on outside support by finding ways to make money for themselves.

They have typewriters which are used to teach the students to type. They also have a piece of land where they eventually hope to build a school.

Self-sufficient schools: How schools can make money for themselves

Status: In progress

Many schools rely on outside donors and/or tuition fees to meet their ongoing running costs.

It is also possible for a school to make money in other ways to cover some or all of these costs e.g. by running one or more small businesses based at the school.

If you have been successful in this how did you start, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them, what benefits have there been to the school and its students?

Discuss and research options for income-generating activities for the families of students

Status: Finished

Many of the students at Notre Dame High School come from very poor families. Their parents/guardians are not able to afford to pay school fees, and lack many of the other basics as they do not have a regular source of income.

The school would like to assist these families in setting up small income generating activities of their own. Christopher has been involved with a similar project in the past while working with another organisation in a different area, and it was very successful, providing huge benefits to the families involved.

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