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Kinship Conservation Fellows: Call for Applications

Applications Open for 2013 Cohort of Kinship Conservation Fellows

Program to run June 29 – July 26; applications close January 26, 2013.

Chicago, Illinois, November 1, 2012: Kinship Foundation has opened applications for its 2013 cohort of Kinship Conservation Fellows. Eighteen applicants will be selected as Fellows, awarded a $6,000 stipend and lodging for the month-long program, and gain membership into a global community of inspired leaders.


I have contacted several organizations that donate sewing machines with bicycles. One of these based here in the USA explained to me that they ship bicycles with the sewing machines in part so that they can be sold and help develop an enterprise that can help promote long term sustainability. The challenge of course becomes shipping costs for the container.


Were you able to get the school registered with "Teach a Man to Fish?" If you need assistance with the application please don't hesitate to let me know.

All the best-


Need a volunteer on the ground in Nairobi to help Rev Wasike and Mr Benedict Muyale with project proposal

Status: Just started
Time needed: 
Half a day

Rev Wasike and Mr Benedict Muyale are on the ground, brainstorming and working on the proposal. However they will need your help, ideas and feedback in putting together the proposal.Please let Rev Wasike at cbsmkenya(at)yahoo(dot)com and Mr Benedict Muyale at bmuyale(at)hotmail(dot)com, if you would like to take part in this process.
You can find background information about the Kimilili projects on

On the ground

Rev Wasike informed us recently that due to food shortages in Kenya, the daily rations for the children in the CBSM school are cut down to a cup of porridge at lunch time.


I am not familiar with the term "Sacco" can you explain what that is? From your description, it sounds comparable to a hospital foundation here in the United States. Are you basically saying that you and the board have discussed taking a microloan as "seed" funding to get the Sacco started? How would it then be maintained long-term? Through donations of the board members or fundraising efforts?



This is a great resource that Mary has posted many times in other villages with respect to schools and long-term sustainability. I would really recommend registering the school with this organization as well as taking a look through their resources page. Joining is free and can be done here:

This is a link to information about their "School in a Box" program.

Resources are located here:


Groups and villages about sustainability

Neighbours interested in sustainability

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