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Animal Husbandry Project

Development projects to alleviate extreme poverty.
Volunteers are also welcome to participate on this unique farm project
Millennium Development Goals Project undertaken by a Diaspora Organisation based in The Netherlands

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Research succesful Income Generating Activities

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
Two hours

To help us decide upon activities to start in Kawempe, we would like to find out what Income Generating Activities are working in other communities. We are considering poultry farming and starting a brass band, but are interested in hearing other ideas from our Neighbours.

We need a website for organisation.

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

A website to show who we are, our mission and benefits the organisation will provide to the village.

Project: Village talk

Hello every one,
I’m very sorry to have missed such interesting discussion because of less access on the internet.
I here welcome Marlies Kooi first and others newcomers in walungu village. I can update about the project going on in walungu any way to offert a basical understanding to all of us.
The shed constructions had been achieved and lock putting on the door as required by Sonja to avoid thiefs.
The Question pending is every one could construct his shed while waiting for the training .Other thing our shed had been roofed with local material (paille in french).

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