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Creating A website for our organisation/village

Status: Finished
Time needed: 
A day

I would like to thank all our neighbhors and nabuur for supporting us finish website project. I am particularly grateful to Carolyn, Lieuwe and Franstisek for their support in this project. My gratitude goes to Vishanta UNV who committed his skills and time to complete this project. You can now visit us through this link:

Slowly we are moving on to achieving all our project tasks. Thanks again for your support.

Supporting Human/Civil Rights project

Status: In progress
Time needed: 
A week

Involvement of communities to monitor and demand for their rights is critical for sustainable rural development. Communities need to demand the authorities to account and fulfill their commitments to guaranteeing human/civil rights. We have developed a project proposal for sourcing out resources to this effect.

We request various expertise here help review attached document and provide advice/guide for possible sources of resources.

Attached files: 

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