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Dear Eric,
Hope you are progressing well on this task.

Lats week before Christmas we were discussing in Nairobi about a similar issue on sweet potatoes.We need to strengthen the sweetpotatoes value chain.

We at one time thought how we can link the growers from Western and Nyanza with retailers in Central and Nairobi.Though the issue of transportation of fresh harvest/sweetpotatoes is a great concern,where it was noted it usually takes long.Noting the sweet potatoes may perish before reaching the intended distant market.

Research Sweet Potatos

Status: Finished

The community wanted to learn more about alternative uses for sweet potato, improved or alternative growing methods, and any other information related to varieties, value-added options and so forth.

Please assist the community by gathering information specifically on Sweet Potatoes and:

1. Nutritional value
2. Growing methods and alternatives appropriate in Kabondo
3. Possible alternative uses (such as starch) for income generation
4. Any other relevant information

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