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Hi Jennifer,
Me too can have a hand on this task.Am well set now to participate,just installed internet in our resource centre.

Raphael Wanjaria Njararuhi

A few days ago, I created a new task in the Kagulu village and wanted to post a .jpg with the task description. I uploaded as I would any picture, but the picture doesn't show with the task-it does show on the editing screen. I ended up replying to the task and posted it in my reply with no problem.

Any idea what's happening with that? Did I do something wrong or was the picture too big?


Hi there,

May be I am missing something, but how can I change the status of the tasks? I would like to mark some of the tasks as finished /stalled.

Hi there,

I created a new task and it was visible in the project for about 2 min and now is gone. I can not figure out where it went. Any suggestions?

-Tanja, Koliyonkulam, India

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