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merry xmas and happy new year ,we are very greatful to all of your support of ideas,information and materially ,may God bless you all ,on behalf of sajos academy i hereby make a request we are still on need of volunteers ,no experience or skill needed ,we are a private primary school with about 68kids and we are targeting more next year ,,we have a free accomondation and it is very near to the school,we do not look to any religious ,race or tradition

Help us find volunteer teachers for the school

Status: Just started

Notre Dame High School is seeking volunteer English, biology and computer teachers, as well as people with experience of school administration and proposal writing.

We have created an information document and application form for potential volunteers, which are attached.

Please suggest ways that Christopher can find suitable volunteers e.g. websites to advertise on, or organisations that place volunteers in Africa. Please include details of sign-up/application processes if known.

Also post here if you would be interested in volunteering at the school yourself.

The BBC Skillswise site has some great resources for teaching maths and english.


They have factsheets which teach each subject, worksheets for practice, and fun quizzes and games which also help you learn. The site is open to everybody and is free. It might give you some good ideas.

Volunteer teachers

Status: Needs urgent help
Time needed: 
Two weeks or more

The Sajos Academy is closing on Nov 19. We need volunteer teachers very urgently to be on school next term which start on jan 5 next year.
The Sajos Academy opens on jan 5 next year our first term , but we don't have enough teachers and the number of children is increasing daily.

This link can be used not only for the High school but for the University that you have in the works and planning stages ... Moodle course creation link http://www.slideshare.net/pvdhyden/moodle-introduction-presentation-8430...

Also I do recommend that ANYONE can go to Moodle - http://Moodle.org and register for FREE and participate in any of the courses, classes, and instructional aides that are available to learn from ... in particular if there are any classes in Teaching or course creation ...


I came across a complete hiv/aids lesson plan for schools. It contains teacher and pupil materials. Quite interesting to have a look at. Eddy could this be useful for the kids in Kisozi?


These activities are quite nice and interesting to use in class too: http://www.avert.org/lessons.htm

Develop a Marketing Plan for Hope Alive Uganda

Status: Finished

In order for Hope Alive Uganda to gain support in the local community and around the world, people need to know that we exist and have access to information about the good work that we do.

For this task, Eddy is seeking the expertise of a marketing professional to help him write a marketing plan that can be carried out and revised each year. The goals of this plan are to:

1. Increase awareness of the needs of orphans in the local community and the importance of education.

2. Provide people with information about Hope Alive Uganda, and

Find sources of volunteers willing to teach onsite in the community of Zabef

Status: Just started

Find volunteers that are willing to travel to the community of Zabef to help with the teaching activities of the organization.

Assist the Local Rep to make a list of what is needed for training teachers

Status: Not started yet

Once a list of potential organizations and individuals has been made, help the local representative to decide what is needed to accomodate the teachers who will visit.

Research national and international organizations that support teaching volunteer exchange to China

Status: Just started

Assist with planning teacher training course (training the trainer) through volunteer teachers by helping to research national and international organizations that support teaching volunteer exchanges in China.

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