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Hi Anjana-

The logo still needs to be designed. Eddy told me yesterday that he will provide the rest of the information-hopefully today. I figured though the basics could be set up in template form and then the logo added as soon as it's complete.

Thanks for offering to help. Eddy can you please send Anjana the names/address/email and phone for the people you would like cards for?


Create a Business Card Template

Status: Finished

Eddy would like to have a template developed that they can easily utilize to have business cards printed for the members of Hope Alive Uganda. Business cards would be very useful to them when they are out in the community seeking support and be used to provide others with their contact information. Eddy would like the cards to include the logo that is developed to represent the organization.

For this task, Eddy is looking for someone to develop a business card template so that it can be used to to print cards as needed.

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