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Hi everyone! I was able to talk to Min this evening very briefly. He was utilizing a friend's laptop on battery to check in. He has not been able to check his email due to lack of electricity and he does not have his laptop with him during this visit. He also was not able to bring the digital camera, so picture updates will have to wait until he gets back to Kathmandu to scan in the photo's he's taken.

Hi Lillian,

Here is some information on humanure - the use of human waste for fertilizer. The site has some good information on how to build a toilet that is basic, inexpensive and may meet your needs. Not sure how they would work in flood situations though...

Min has been able to secure assistance for the construction of a new toilet at the school. He approached a local NGO and made an agreement with them for a 60/30/10 percent financial contribution-NGO (60), ECC (30) and local community (10). Min estimates that around $500 USD will be needed for ECC to meet the contribution they agreed to. I am expecting an itemized budget for that project from Min soon.

That's great news Min. You're doing a great job mobilizing local resources.


Dear Jennifer, Garry and other neighbours

Good news,

Last week I had asked to the key person of a local orgaization (Social Development Project)in Dailekh. Either they can partnership in toilet or any other help to our school. This morning he did call me and said that they can help for toilet. The partnership ratio we dcided is SDP-60%, ECC-30% and Community-10%. We are going to start this project from Feb. 09. ECC has to share Cement. The rest of the thing will be shared by SDP and community will contribute unskilled labor.

This site provides a number of resources and information on water, health and sanitation.

The CHP’s Dry Toilet System offers an ecological and economical alternative - an innovative system that helps saving water and money.

The site provide information and drawings on the dry toilet system.

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