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Help us obtain tools and funding to set up our Young Women's Carpentry Shop

Status: In progress

WomenFirst's women empowerment program has just concluded real skills training for 12 young girls in carpentry skills. The girls divided in two groups of 6 each want to begin making high end executive sofa chairs (couches) for the up scale market in Uganda. They need to set up a carpentry workshop and display room in the Capital City of Kampala, where they will make and market their products. They are working alongside their two instructors who are more skilled as they polish up their skills.

Finding books, school supplies and other equipment

Status: In progress

Many schools and training centres need books, school supplies and other items e.g. laboratory equipment, tools etc

Provide details organisations or companies who may be able to donate this, both locally and internationally.

If the items came from another country, how did you cover shipping costs or find low-cost/free shipping? If you were successful at getting items donated within your own country, how did you do this?

I have compiled a list of websites with educaional materias geared towards teaching children about malaria, and included some ideas and suggestions. Please tell me if they work, and maybe we can go from there.

• Identification of possible mosquito breeding sites
o Open ditches carrying stagnant water
o Ponds, swamps, puddles, pits and drains
o Edges of streams, in water containers, tanks and in rice fields

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